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Weather Office

Weather Office provides accurate local weather data and forecasts for Canada and the USA.


  • A layout that gives you the information you need with no clutter.
  • Short-term hourly forecast graph (Temperature, Wind Speed, Quantity of Precipitation, and Probability of Precipitation).
  • Radar (PRECIP-ET/N1P).
  • Watches, warnings, and alerts.

Weather Office has been designed to provide an easy to use single-screen experience with stable, fast, and reliable performance.

Weather and forecasts are based on Environment Canada and/or NOAA/NWS data.

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Closures is a fun and challenging game of dots and boxes, where you compete with the computer or another player to close the most squares on a grid. The game is simple to learn, but hard to master.


  • Customizable grid size to suit your preference.
  • Supports iCloud sync and Game Center Multiplayer Matches.
  • Compatible with iOS, macOS and iPadOS devices.

Whether you want to relax with a casual game, or test your skills against a tough opponent, Closures is the perfect game for you.

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X Versus O

A classic tic-tac-toe game that you can play against friends using Game Center, or locally on your device against another player or an AI.


  • Play multiple matches at once.
  • Close the game. It's okay. You can use other apps while staying in Game Center matches.
  • Enjoy local multiplayer or single-player modes against an AI.
  • Three AI difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard.
  • Leaderboards and Achievements.
  • It's free [there are ads];

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